"Riders of the Storm"

Greg Benson
Lightning shimmers across the valley from the distance storm. Thunder will not stop the young couple form taking a ride down the valley to enjoy activities at the county fair. There are many stories in this incredible panoramic landscape. A collie wanders on his own while his owners wonder where he is. Motorcyclists are often thought of as living life on the edge, like others in this magnificent oil painting, (including hidden images of Marlon Brando as a post WWII biker, two 1960's adventurers looking for America, a cowboy, and Native American leader Geronimo who succeeded in evading federal authorities for 25 years). “Riders on the Storm” celebrates the courageous individual who fearlessly follows his own path, and the warriors, (Geronimo and the hidden soldier in the storm), who's loyalty sends him, (and her), into harms way to do battle for others. Purchase of your limited edition print will directly benefit our American Veterans wounded in the Iraq war through the nonprofit “Fisher House” Foundation. As more troops return from war zones needed long term care, “Fisher House” Foundation is proving to be a valuable resource for wounded Veterans and their families. Display this beautiful panoramic print in your home today and help our brave soldiers.

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