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Greg Benson took a winding road on his way to becoming a professional artist. Being self taught Benson considers himself fortunate to have achieved such a large international following. "I paint my memories and interests and collectors seem to connect with them," says Benson.
Benson's natural talent was evident at an early age. "When I was really young I remember having lot's of coloring books," recalls Benson. "As I got older I found drawing came easily to me. In high school people thought I would pursue a career in commercial art but designing cereal boxes under someone else's deadline did not appeal to me at all. I ended up in all kinds of different jobs after high school but I always enjoyed drawing and continued just for myself."
The first time Greg received any payment for his talent was when a friend who worked for a sign company saw his work and said, "you should come and paint billboards with me." Greg says, "I learned to paint very large and that was the first time in my life I was paid to do something I loved."
Greg then ended up taking a job doing heavy construction with a power company. Benson recalls, "the pay was great but I was miserable. I'd be running a jackhammer outside in 20 degree below zero weather on top of huge buried power lines. I remember thinking I've got to try something else. They would have periodic layoffs and callbacks and during one of these layoffs I decided I'd try and make a full time career out of art. At first it seemed I'd made a huge mistake."
Greg then switched to painting exclusively with oil on canvas. "I chose oil paints because I still had some left over from high school and I couldn't afford anything else," recalls Greg. This led to his first art show. "I got a second hand pegboard display booth and a friend helped me hall it to an outdoor art show. I proudly set out my paintings and waited for the my new collectors to roll in........ I didn't sell a single painting."
Unwilling to give up, Benson continued painting. Greg states, " One day my mother who was and still is a great source of support said she'd seen some art for sale at a local restaurant chain and perhaps I could try this myself. I found out they gave local artists the opportunity to hang artwork in their restaurants for a month.
I let them see my work and they said they'ed love to have me display my paintings. I hung about 20 pieces and within two days I sold my first oil. I believe it sold for only $150.00 but I was hooked. I knew from then on I would always be a full time artist.

Greg's first motor on two wheels - at age twelve.

Greg says, "I still remember that mini bike. The feeling I got twisting that throttle. I rode that thing every chance I had.

I also tried my hand at customizing. I didn't think lime green was cool enough so I spray painted the frame fire engine red.

Unfortunately I new nothing about paint and it all peeled off a short time later.

No photo's have survived of my first motorcycle, a small honda. I think I was about 14 years old when I bought it for $50.00. I beat the heck out of it and it just kept on running."

No matter what the weather I drove that bike. Quite a deal since I live in Minnesta. I delivered art on the bike, grocery shopped and even tied my easel to it when I had to instruct art classes!"

"The cool thing about that bike was even though it looked like a slow, family bike, it was a rocket!

The guy I bought it from had bored out the cylinders and put in racing pistons, a cam and a carb kit. Many a crotch rocket was left wondering,"what the heck was that?"

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