Greg Benson
Greg Benson's incredibly detailed vision of the legendary wild west town of Deadwood is truly amazing. This dramatic story painting takes place when the neighboring town of Sturgis has it's world renowned motorcycle rally. Instead of horse drawn wagons and carriages todays gamblers and adventure seekers now arrive riding horses made from steel. By looking in the windows of this timeless oil painting we can see many stories from deawood's historic past. Wild Bill Hickock plays poker with his back uncharacteristically facing the room while a gal leads a miner upstairs. At one time 80% of the businesses in Deadwood were saloons and most had brothels upstairs. In another saloon a possible gamblers mark spills his beer as he prepares to sit in on a game. . Saloon girls charm prospects while two men wager on a game of billiards. Close examination of the saloons will reveal wealth of details including an example of one of the first slot machines. The town of Deadwood came to be because of gold. Custer (hidden image in the awning on the right), wanted US expansion into Native American territory and in 1874 led an expedition into the Black Hills to find gold. After reporting his find prospectors stamped to the area , (hidden image miner panning for gold on the left). Custer's decisions would eventually lead to his demise. Native American leader Sitting Bull (hidden image in the awning on the left), united several tribes (warrior hidden in the center), and defeated Custer and his troops at the battle of Little Bighorn. Deadwood's rich history of gamblers, prospects and of course gunfighters (hidden on the sky), enhances the appeal of this wild west town which has now returned to its roots as one of todays favorite gambling destinations.

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