"Black Hills Thunder"

Greg Benson
Every August the Black Hills roar to life with thousands of motorcycle from the Sturgis rally. When riding through this unique area you can still see hints of a rich historic past. This was a sacred area to the Native Americans that inhabited the hills for thousands of years. Native American leader Sitting Bull (hidden image in the trees), certainly saw what the future had in store for his people once gold was discovered in the hills (miner panning in the center pine tree). More people would soon arrive. Some by stagecoach (hidden image on the left), and eventually in droves by train (locomotive hidden on the right). This wave of people marked the end if the Native American way of life and almost completely destroyed what was their most important resource, “To-tonk-a”, or the buffalo. Fortunately buffalo (hidden in the sky), have a comeback from virtual extinction and today a large herd can still create their own “Black Hills Thunder.”

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